Excel reports in Asp.net



One of the requirements of our ASP.NET 2.0 web application (developed with
visual studio 2005) is to create reports in form of excel spreadsheets with
data coming from Sql Server 2005 database.

Some points are as follows:

1) User should be able to filter data included in reports like choose among
cycles, cars etc or all of them (I.e. Sql query is generated dynamically
based on user choice)
2) Data is retrieved from database and populated to excel spreadsheet.
3) Group data using excel's outlining mode
4) include bar or pie charts for statistical data
5) Create pivot reports for senior staff
6) There are many users located all around the country and everyone should
be able to create reports

Our team disussed about a third party tool but it's too expensive; Thus we
decided to do some reasearch on Visual studio tools for Office, and Sql
reporting services including reportviewer visual studio control.

My preliminary studies have found the following:
-office tools are only for windows forms applications (Does not work with
-reportviewer does not allow programmatic access to reports thus can't get
features like grouping data (outlining mode of excel), pivot tables

Can anyone suggest what could be the best way to achieve that. Any reponse
is greatly appreciated.




You may consider Crystal reports?
Export to excel is very quick and easy by crystal reports??

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