Execute asp.net .exe from classic ASP.




I have written a console application in ASP.NET that will move an
order from a website database and send it to an ERP database. Nothing
special here, just reads from the database and calls a webservice I've
written to add it to the ERP database.

What I want to do now is have this .exe run whenever an order is
created on the website. The website was written in classic asp. And I
have been playing around with calls to the compiled .exe like so:

set wshell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wshell.run Server.MapPath("Program.exe")
set wshell = nothing

This runs the program however, I receive this error:
System.TypeInitializationException occurred. When I try to debug this
using VS Just-In-Time Debugger I get nothing more than <program name>
threw an exception.

One lead I have would be that I just copied the .exe into the website
directory and tried calling it from there. Would I need to copy .dll's
and folder structure or does .NET compact everything it needs into the
released .exe

Other thoughts/suggestions welcome.



We already have this processin place and a call to the exe would be all
thats left. Mind you this is supposed to be a temporary fix, as we are
re-implementing the websites to go directly to the ERP.

Out of curiosity though, I downloaded the solution and began looking
into how I would apply it to my scenario. I noticed you replied in the
actual article and i'm guessing have implemented this yourself. How
would you suggest I go about implementing this for my situation.

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