feedback greatly appreciated

Discussion in 'HTML' started by windandwaves, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. windandwaves

    windandwaves Guest

    windandwaves, Oct 6, 2005
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  2. windandwaves

    rf Guest

    That white on black is very hard to read. I had to significantly enlarge my
    font size.

    Why fixed width?
    rf, Oct 6, 2005
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  3. windandwaves

    windandwaves Guest

    Hi Richard

    Thank you for your feedback.... Design is important here so therefore there
    is fixed width. For font-size, try CTRL ++

    Thank you again

    - Nicolaas
    windandwaves, Oct 6, 2005
  4. Is it harder to read that black on white?

    hywel.jenkins, Oct 6, 2005
  5. windandwaves

    rf Guest

    OK but I don't really see any need for it. Minimum width perhaps (which is
    already dictated by the top graphic) but why a maximum. Once I increased my
    font size there were not may words per line in the two column layout.
    That's what I *did* (see above). The point is that I already impose a
    minimum font size of 16pt (my favourite reading size) and I should not have
    to *significantly* increase it from that. The text is simply hard to read.
    If your client wants white on black then use a better font, or bold or

    The light grey on black (the navigation) is particularly crook.

    Just my opinion though :)
    rf, Oct 6, 2005
  6. windandwaves

    rf Guest

    With these eyes that I use, yes, much harder.
    Ah, I see :)
    rf, Oct 6, 2005
  7. windandwaves

    Tony Cooper Guest

    I agree that the text is difficult to read because of both color and
    size. You may feel that the design is important, but I feel that it's
    important that I not have to bother with extra steps to read a web

    I don't understand how design can be more important than readability
    if you actually intend to present something for people to read.
    You'll have a nice looking web page that no one bothers to read.
    Tony Cooper, Oct 7, 2005
  8. windandwaves

    dorayme Guest

    Yes. There is proof. There was a 1976 study done showing that
    reaction times to warnings in white on black were significantly
    slower than black on white. And RF and I and a lot of folk find
    it more difficult. I know it looks nice sometimes and I do it
    myself for menu items and other things. But when folk are
    expected to actually read a fair bit of text it is a very bad
    idea. Try to make it easy for users... it is our job to try to
    think nice design and easy for most people to use...

    dorayme, Oct 7, 2005
  9. windandwaves

    dorayme Guest

    I agree with Richard, it would be a great improvement to go black print on
    white in the content box. You might then consider a border around the pics,
    see what it looks like. I can understand you might not want to leave the
    fixedness of the content width because then it would mean significent
    redesign. It is reasonably ok this, considering it is not too wide or too
    narrow for most people. (The bottom box with the right aligned "who is most
    acclaimed actor... looks a bit empty and strange...)

    dorayme, Oct 7, 2005
  10. windandwaves

    Andy Dingley Guest

    Skinny white text on black - just a bad idea. It's not too bad on an
    LCD screen but this colour combination depends more contrast than a CRT
    is capable of delivering. Don't do it. If you must do it, then it needs
    to be a font with thick strokes (which you can't reliably select over
    the web) or a large font size.

    Old studies supporting "light on dark" as the ergonomic choice were
    based on monochrome phosphors and fixed character generators (or
    vectors). They're no longer relevant for today's displays.

    If you put the font size up to a point where the strokes are readable,
    then the skinny columns become a problem. You really do need a
    dynamically sized pair of columns here.

    To deal with the top image, then either just centre it and sit black
    space either side (that's already what you're doing anyway). Or else
    (and rather better) split it into two layers. Make the Maori eye-candy
    image much wider and set it as a repeated background just in case (I
    have a 3000px wide screen) then float the text and logo over the top,
    either as text (best) or as a transparent image.
    Andy Dingley, Oct 7, 2005
  11. Without question, white on black is far more difficult to read, but
    hopefully without starting a flame war here, let's consider the content
    and intended audience here. A website for a television show,
    entertainment industry. Yes, about history, but not an academic tome, or
    mission-critical news, or dry engineering specification. A styling
    choice with a 'fresh' look. I think he avoided the error many make when
    using light on dark of using a serf or ornate font, nor did he
    artificially constrain its size. Set the body to 100% and refrained from
    absolutes in px so you can bump up the text size even in MSIE.

    I will say though, you are pushing the limit with the home page on the
    amount of text per page if you are going to go with white on black
    theme. Breaking into columns with an ample cutter helps a lot to keep
    legibility, which you did. Image and style integrate well I think.

    One bit I do see as a problem, if you stay with the white on black
    style, in your menus having the 'visited' links go charcoal grey does
    make them very difficult to read, especial with such lightweight small
    text. I would suggest either increase font size, or weight, or color to
    contrast a bit more, or a combination of these to improve legibility.
    Maybe use white for your normal color 'unvisited' links, a light gold on
    hover akin to your 'main' graphic buttons and for 'visited' use the
    light grey that you are now using for your 'unvisited' menu links now.

    I do like you site, good thematic styling.
    Jonathan N. Little, Oct 7, 2005
  12. windandwaves

    windandwaves Guest

    Thank you all for your feedback. Much appreciated. I have summarised it
    and passed it on to the design team.


    - Nicolaas
    windandwaves, Oct 9, 2005
  13. windandwaves

    glittlemore Guest

    Hi there,

    I've had a brief look at your site and took into account the comments
    made about the black on white.

    I think this would be made easier on the eye if you simply break your
    long paragraphs down into smaller chunks and leave a larger space
    between one paragraph to the next!

    Just a thought - hope it helps.

    glittlemore, Oct 10, 2005
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