FPGA Board Newsletter August 2004

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by Tony Burch, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Tony Burch

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    FPGA Board Newsletter August 2004
    BurchED - Making FPGA Prototyping Easy!

    In this newsletter:
    (1) Did you break your FPGA?
    (2) New products
    (3) New upgrade offers for current customers
    (4) Reminder - please keep in touch
    (5) User website spotlight for August

    (1) Did you break your FPGA?
    Great news, if you blew up your FPGA!
    BurchED now offers replacement of the XC2S300E FPGA on
    your board, and we will mail it back to you, all for free!

    (2) New Products
    * Sydney-X1E:
    Following on from the successful release of the
    Sydney-X1 FPGA development system, BurchED has now
    released the Sydney-X1E. While the Sydney-X1 is
    a lower cost and compact system, the Sydney-X1E is
    a more expandable system in a larger box, with
    a "quick release" lid.
    * A range of "Bulk Saver Packs":
    Significant savings for quantity purchases.
    Ideal for setting up University Laboratories.

    (3) New upgrade offers for current customers
    Great offers for owners of BurchED products.
    An opportunity to get the latest boards and systems,
    at special prices. Offers include upgrade to a Sydney-X1E.

    (4) Reminder - please keep in touch
    Please remember, as a customer or user of BurchED products,
    you are very welcome to email us at any time with questions,
    comments, or for discussion. We are always interested to hear
    about your latest projects and applications.
    Drop us a line at

    (5) User website spotlight for August
    Keith Howell, in Cambridge, England.
    Keith has been a valued customer of BurchED for many
    years, and he is a guy with alot of great technical ideas.
    His website provides a very interesting read, and
    he is available for FPGA consulting work, so please
    contact him if you require FPGA design services.
    Tony Burch, Aug 27, 2004
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