Sydney-X1 FPGA Computer, US$499 introductory price


Tony Burch

BurchED announces the availability of the Sydney-X1
FPGA Computer, for the introductory price of US$499 !

The SYDNEY-X1 FPGA Computer -
An educational FPGA development system for universities,
design engineers, and electronics hobbyists.

* Complete FPGA system with keyboard, mouse, VGA cable,
speaker, 64MB CF card, RS232 port, power supply
and FPGA programming cable.
* B5-X300 FPGA motherboard with 300K gate Xilinx
SpartanIIE device.
* Modules mounted in a stylish transparent box.
* Works with the free Xilinx WebPACK(tm) design software.
* Programming in VHDL or Verilog hardware description
* Two 7-Segment-Displays.
* 2Mbit fast SRAM (accessible as 128K x 16 or 256K x 8).
* 64 colour VGA output.
* Mono audio output with speaker, for great quality, loud
sound output
* Flash-config device, configures FPGA automatically on
* Power supply, with a wall plug for your country.
* Access to the BurchED Sydney-X1 user login area.
* Five-Pack deal (five Sydney-X1 computers in a box) for
university customers that want to put the Sydney-X1s
into student laboratories. Fantastic value when
buying five at a time.
Order code: 5Pack-Sydney-X1 FPGA Computers.

Full details of the Sydney-X1, including pictures and
screenshots, are at

Other new BurchED products in July 2004:

* B5-Starter-Value-Pack
* B5-Audio-Out
* B5-Super-Mounting-Board
* B5-Super-Perspex-Box

The B5-Audio-Out or the Super-Mounting-Board / Box
may be very useful additions to your kit if you already
own a B5-Super-Value-Pack.

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