frnds plzz hep me in writing i2c code for my project

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by raghava_kumar85, Dec 26, 2005.

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    Dec 26, 2005
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    hii frnds, i am unable 2 write code for i2c aim in my project and i am also not findin it anywhere on net.i need a code for my project in i2c .the other ddr and sdram codes have been written by myself and been implemented but the problem is with i2c so please help me out of this..hope people reply with reasonable concern..thanks..i am giving my project aim here...

    AIM: Implementing I2C protocol and utilizing it to control a multiplexed display.

    Description: two FPGA boards are utilized,
    Board 1
    o The I2C master and keyboard interface is implemented.
    o The Keyboard interface is implemented to accept the data and display options and converts it into serial I2C format.
    o I2C is implemented to transfer the data from the Keyboard logic in the Board one to Board two where the display logic is implemented.

    Board 2
    o I2C Slave and display driver is implemented.
    o Display driver includes Data RAM to store the information to be displayed; Control RAM to set the display options and LCD interface Logic.
    o I2C slave is implemented to receive the data from Keyboard implemented on Board one.

    Keyboard Interface:
    Utilizes the user definable switches available on the board.
    Has predefined Hex values for each characters and control signals.
    Includes a temporary register to transfer the data from Keyboard Buffer to I2C Master.

    Display controller
    A Data RAM is implemented to store the display characters.
    A Control RAM is implemented to set the different display settings for the LCD (Scrolling, move up, Move down).
    Has an LCD interface to initialize the display (Resetting, Setting the character Modes and Display options).

    I2C communication protocol implemented for a single master Mode.
    raghava_kumar85, Dec 26, 2005
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