Galry, a high-performance interactive visualization package in Python


Cyrille Rossant

Dear all,

I'm making available today a first pre-release of Galry <>, a BSD-licensed high performance
interactive visualization toolbox in Python based on OpenGL. Its
matplotlib-like high-level interface allows to interactively visualize
plots with tens of millions of points. Galry is highly flexible and
natively supports 2D plots, 3D meshes, text, planar graphs, images, custom
shaders, etc. The low-level interface can be used to write graphical
interfaces in Qt with efficient visualization widgets.

The goal of this beta pre-release is to ensure that Galry can work on the
widest possible range of systems and graphics cards (OpenGL v2+ is

If you're interested, please feel free to give it a try! Also, I'd very
much appreciate if you could fill in a really short form on the webpage to
indicate what you'd like to do with this package. Your feedback will be
invaluable in the future development of Galry.

Best regards,
Cyrille Rossant


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