General Hibernate Questions



Hi all,

I'm used to using an OPF in Delphi for quite a while and it looks like Hibernate
is the most popular for Java. I've registered with the Hibernate forums and
just waiting for my activation email.

In the meantime, I'd like to ask a few questions to those who have experience
with Hibernate.

- Is Hibernate geared mostly for web and middle tier development? I've been
looking over the site and googling quite a bit and although I've read on the
Hibernate site support for "unmanaged" projects, all of the example and or
tutorials that I've run across so far seems to be geared towards enterprise web
and/or nTier development.

I've tried to follow some of tutorials that I've found, but substituting a
simple swing application instead of a web application and I can't seem to access
any of the Netbeans plugins depicted in the tutorials. Another reason for the
question :)

- Would you recommend Hibernate for GUI/Swing Development? I've remember seeing
references to other ORM/OPF products.

- Can you recommend any GUI/Swing tutorials (preferably NetBeans if available)?

Thanks for your time.


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