google api and oauth2


Littlefield, Tyler

Hello all:
I've been trying to figure out the oauth2client part of google's api,
and I am really confused.
It shows a flow, and even with the client flow, you need a redirect uri.
This isn't important because I just want to get both an access and
refresh token.
Has anyone had any experience with this? Is it easier to use a more
developed oauth2 library to handle this? If so, can anyone make any

If I understand everything correctly, it doesn't matter what library I
would use to work with the oauth2 protocol, so I could break out of this
workflow thing that looks like it's more designed for web apps.
Finally, they caution you about being careful about your client id and
your client secret; is there much in the way of obviscation or
something I can do to keep this secret?

Take care,
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