Gridview - Pull value from one cell in one row

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Datagrid Control' started by pvong, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. pvong

    pvong Guest

    Hi, I'm a newbie and I'm looking for some help. I'm programming in

    I have a simple gridview and when the user hits the Edit link, the
    gridview changes to edit mode. I replaced the Textboxes with labels and I
    turn off the Update command because I want to write my own update command.
    I can not figure out how to pull the value from a cell in the row the user
    hit Edit on.

    Example: User hits edit on row 10 and the value I want to pull in in
    column 5 and is a Label with the ID of AnswerID. How do I get that value.
    This is what I've tried and it didn't work.


    pvong, Aug 5, 2007
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  2. pvong

    pvong Guest

    someone answered this at another group

    To get the content, use (VB.NET)
    In C#:
    pvong, Aug 6, 2007
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