JTable: Row and Cell Selection

Apr 4, 2017
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Hi everyone.

Currently, I am new to the Java Swing and Jtable. I'm hoping anyone could help me. I'm trying to work on a functionality such as:

Table with 4 column { a, b, c, d} with 4 rows.
- I should able to select a cell in column b, however, if I select any cell in column a, c or d, the whole row of the selected cell will be select.

The behavior I'm trying to do is if I select cell { row 1, column b} - cell is selected, then select {row 3, column a} the whole row 3 is highlighted. Where the cell is selected in column b row 1 as well as the whole row 3.

Is there anyone have any information to work on this behavior in jtable?


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