help needed



hello all...
i did one coding to bind an image in the datagrid but the problem is
that it binds every
image control with the last image in the dataset...actually i am
storing path in the oracle.

here's the coding that i did..

private sub dg_itembound(byval sender as object,byval e as
system.web.ui.webcontrols.datagriditemeventargs) handles db.itembound

dim i as integer

dim img as image

dim str as string

str="Select image from member_data where " & ddltype.selectitem.value &
"like initcap('"& txtsrch.text &"%')"


for i=0 to ds.tables(0).rows.count-1 step 1

if e.item.itemtype=listitemtype.alteringitem or
e.item.itemtype=listitemtype.item then



end if
end sub

i did above coding as when user searches for his profile by name..then
there may be more then one name user so i want to bind
the image in the please help me out..thanks in advance



Rad [Visual C# MVP]

That would be because the select condition for your sql never changes
-- it is always txtsrch.text

Is it possible to rewrite the query such that it fetches the image url
for each returned row?

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