Feb 7, 2023
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So, I found my way onto this website because I'm working on a private coding project that tried to start in C++ but I couldn't even get the decencies to work right so I, in my mind which is very uneducated on the matter, downgraded to python but at least my automation program has made a lot of progress. Even though I'm mostly searching for commands and struggling heavily with syntax errors I have made a lot of progress considering that I've never done this before.

I'll be honest if I didn't have openai I would never be able to make any code work ever. I've always wanted to give it a try though and now I can. I just want to let everyone know if they don't already that openai is pretty good at writing code but it isn't always exactly easy to get what you need the first time and I know anyone that has used it knows what I mean.

If anyone wants to trade coding advice for plumbing advice I'm your guy. Cheers. I hope everyone is having a great night!

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