Hey everyone :)

Oct 8, 2022
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So I want to introduce myself. I am Joey, a 3rd year Computer Science student majoring in Software Engineering. I spent a good time searching to find a good online forum to get some guidance and support if needed on my journey into becoming a SWE. Some backstory; I am into my 3rd year out of 4 years of college, I maintained a good 3.2 GPA and will do my best to increase it hopefully, but the downside is that I neglected my programming and problem solving skills so I barely made any progress in the field at all. I studied my courses and I know almost all of the theoretical side of CS that we were taught, but I might fail to apply it with my hands coding still. I do know the concept on paper but not to apply on my own with code sadly. So to fight this set back, I decided to start taking CS50x to do a fresh start in understanding the concepts and building correctly but I struggle with my own demons, setbacks, procrastination and all of the identity change struggle. From being lazy and wasting my time to giving myself a shot at becoming someone I wish to be, starting reading self-help books, attempting to make schedules and all that stuff. I decided to get on this forum as I always struggle on my own in coding so wanted to join the people here in case I seek help in some way or want some guidance hopefully I'd find some here, opposite of SOF, which might be bit harsh for noobies and mostly it's Q&A only, but here I wish for more an honest conversation or opinions not just an answer.

Hopefully it's a good step that I took to join you here and can't wait to learn some of your experiences.

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