Hierarchical table to drop down select menus

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by johnforeman32, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm looking for an efficient way to translate an hierarchical table
    into dynamic drop down select menus.

    ie. Table is in the following form

    Group Series Make
    Model Code
    --------- ---------
    ---------- ------------ --------
    Fleet 4WD Ford
    Explorer 01RW09338
    Fleet 4WD Ford
    Escape 01RW01111
    Fleet 4WD GM
    Ranger 663YY4444
    Fleet Sedan Daewoo
    Lanos 4443R3332


    to the following dynamic drop down menus

    Group [ Fleet v ]
    Series [4WD v ]
    Make [Ford v ]
    Model [Explorer v]

    My aim is to not go back to the server after each choice to determine
    the contents of the subsequent menus. However my initial table
    contains over 1000 rows and since I currently store the data in
    javascript arrays at the point of creating the jsp, the load time of
    the page is greatly affected
    Does anyone have a better / more efficient solution?
    johnforeman32, Mar 13, 2007
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