How can I capture VoIP traffic and manipulate date in order to calculate QoS????

Aug 11, 2006
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Hi, my name is Andreina Toro, I study Electronical Engeneering at Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela. I hope you don´t mind if I ask you for some advice. For my thesis I have to develop a software capable of capturing packets data from VoIP traffic and then I have to manipulate the data in order to get Quality of Service parameters, such as jitter, packet loss, etc. I´m aware that Ethereal does this things and calculate those parameters, actually the software I have to develop is a simple version of Ethereal, it has the same principels. I´m free to use the free source codes of this sofisticated softwares and design my own software. I have to confess that this is not my area at all, I have NO clue of JAVA, and the last time I did something in C++ was 4 years ago. I wanted to ask you how can I start programming and if you could help me with the java codes.... any help you could give me I would be thankful...

Please, please,please... help me.. :0) My graduation depends on this project of my thesis.

Sincerely yours,

Andreina Toro

PD: I believe jpcap can help me but I don´t have clear how...

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