How do I solidify my Python skills

Sep 15, 2023
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I've just finished reading Eric Matthes' Python Crash Course. A book which I found great to learn Python within a short time. The learning process wasn't really hard for me as I was already familiar with programming in other languages. Now I'm done with it and I've just started learning Django since the past few days. Meanwhile, I want to keep practicing Python to avoid forgetting advanced Python topics such as OOP. I've been searching and experimenting different resources these past couple of weeks. I tried some online courses covering real work projects, creating GUI with Tkinter, Implementing useful algorithms, etc. But I didn't find any of them really suitable for what I'm looking for. I even asked GPT for some suggestions and I got to know some famous books such as Python Playground, Python Projects and The big book of small python projects, but I can't stop feeling uneasy about the issue and finding a good resource for this matter to keep on working on more Python projects beside the Django learning in order to solidify my Python knowledge and avoide forgetting it. So I wanted to ask someone who has more experience in Python learning journy. Is there anything you guys wanna recommend me? Any advices?
Dec 10, 2022
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I'm by far no expert but, tsome of he things I've create for practice are
  • weather app
  • music player
  • movie search
  • simple shmup game
  • recipe book
I still like working with flask and occasionally do a flask website for practice.

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