how to avoid timeconsuming createchildcontrols: performance issue




I've developed a custom control, which I use in combination with AJAX. After
a postback the "posted situation" is again created before the events based
on pushing on buttons or links can be handled. In my webserver control I've
added besides detailed information of a database record several buttons. Now
here is my problem:

If I'm clicking outside the webservercontrol, it is not necessary that the
createchildcontrols is run, because the next thing I will do is to run the
filling property of the control, basied on that clicking. But on the other
hand if I've clicked on a button which makes part of the webservercontrol
then it is necessary thet the createchildcontrols will run because I need
the recordinformation to process.

Is there a way to find out in the createchildcontrols of the webserver what
has caused the postback in other words can i avoid this procedure. (For your
information the execute time is 1/2 sec., which is still too much.




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