How to create an nfc application



Jan 24, 2022
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NFC is a Near Field Communication that allows the devices to exchange communication. Now to start with the app:
- You need to open the NFC tool App.
- You need to add the record by selecting tags for your app.
- Select the protocol “HTTPS://”, and fill in the URL you want to write: Then click OK
- Click write and select what you write.
- Place the prepared NFC tag on the phone’s NFC chip location, then you have just written the URL to the NFC tag successfully.
- You can also erase, lock and copy tags with that you can also set and remove passwords
- You can add a task and choose what you want to.
- You can put your phone for NFC tag for experiencing the charm of NFC technology.
- To gather more knowledge about the tag you need to scan the details like tag type, serial number, size, memory information, data format, etc.

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