how to delete record according to the checked checkbox.

Discussion in 'XML' started by -_-, Dec 19, 2009.

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    Dec 19, 2009
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    how can i create add/delete/edit record in jsp?
    is it feasible to create datagrid like function??

    my code is as belows:

    <tr><td><%=rs.getString(1) %></td>
    <td><%=rs.getString(2) %></td>
    <td><%=rs.getString(3) %></td>
    <td><center><input type="checkbox" name="del" value="${}" ></center></td></tr>

    I want to check which item is ticked, then the user click a button to delete that record.but now i can't get which record is ticked
    -_-, Dec 19, 2009
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