How to design 4 bit 4:1 multiplexer


Faisal Kabir

Hello below is code for 1 bit 4:1 multiplexer. Can anybody tell me how to design 4 bit from 1 bit. Thanks

// 4-to-1 multiplexer. Port list is taken exactly from
// the I/O diagram.
module mux4_to_1 (out, i0, i1, i2, i3, s1, s0);

// Port declarations from the I/O diagram
output out;
input i0, i1, i2, i3;
input s1, s0;

// Internal wire declarations
wire s1n, s0n;
wire y0, y1, y2, y3;

// Gate instantiations

// Create s1n and s0n signals.
not (s1n, s1);
not (s0n, s0);

// 3-input and gates instantiated
and (y0, i0, s1n, s0n);
and (y1, i1, s1n, s0);
and (y2, i2, s1, s0n);
and (y3, i3, s1, s0);

// 4-input or gate instantiated
or (out, y0, y1, y2, y3);


// Define the stimulus module (no ports)
module stimulus;

// Declare variables to be connected
// to inputs
reg IN0, IN1, IN2, IN3;
reg S1, S0;

// Declare output wire
wire OUTPUT;

// Instantiate the multiplexer
mux4_to_1 mymux(OUTPUT, IN0, IN1, IN2, IN3, S1, S0);

// Stimulate the inputs
// set input lines
IN0 = 1; IN1 = 0; IN2 = 1; IN3 = 0;
#1 $display("IN0= %b, IN1= %b, IN2= %b, IN3= %b\n",IN0,IN1,IN2,IN3);

// choose IN0
S1 = 0; S0 = 0;
#1 $display("S1 = %b, S0 = %b, OUTPUT = %b \n", S1, S0, OUTPUT);

// choose IN1
S1 = 0; S0 = 1;
#1 $display("S1 = %b, S0 = %b, OUTPUT = %b \n", S1, S0, OUTPUT);

// choose IN2
S1 = 1; S0 = 0;
#1 $display("S1 = %b, S0 = %b, OUTPUT = %b \n", S1, S0, OUTPUT);

// choose IN3
S1 = 1; S0 = 1;
#1 $display("S1 = %b, S0 = %b, OUTPUT = %b \n", S1, S0, OUTPUT);




Jim Lewis

Simple, use type std_logic_vector on your ports rather than std_logic. :).

Try comp.lang.verilog for an answer in Verilog.

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