How to manually connect to a Web Service from VS2005


John A

Hi all, I have done this in the past with VS2003 but seem to be having some
problem in VS2005 any help will be appreciated.

I have a Web Service generated from an Apache Server that I am supposed to
consume. Unfortunately these guys don't play nice and don't publish there
WSDL from there Web Service. In the past with VS2003 I created the WSDL
proxy code and put it in my Web reference area set it as a web reference made
it dynamic added the WS URL to the web.config and everything was fine.
However I try to do something like that and cannot get VS2005 to recognize
that a web service is even there. Am I missing something? Does anyone know
of a good step by step reference for adding web service to a VS2005 project
without having anything but a static WSDL file and a WS URL?

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