how to split the file into two sections....

Discussion in 'Python' started by indu_shreenath, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Hi:
    I have a text as
    version comp X - aa
    version comp Y - bbb
    version comp Z -cc

    12.12 Check for option 1

    12:13 Pass Test 1
    12:14 verified bla bla bla
    12.15 completed

    12.16 Fail Test 2
    12:17 verified bla bla bla
    12.18 completed

    12.19 Fail Test 3
    12:20 verified bla bla bla
    12.21 completed

    12.22 Check for option B

    12:23 Pass Test4
    12:24 verified bla bla bla
    12.25 completed

    12.26 Fail Test 5
    12:27 verified bla bla bla
    12.28 completed

    12.29 Fail Test 6
    12:30 verified bla bla bla
    12.31 completed

    In this I want to split the file to two sections to post the summary as

    Check for option 1
    Pass 2
    Fail 1
    Check for option 2
    Pass 2
    Fail 1
    indu_shreenath, Dec 4, 2012
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  2. indu_shreenath

    Peter Otten Guest

    Open the file
    Iterate over the lines
    Extract the second word
    If it's "Check" print the current stats (if any) and remember the
    If it's "Fail" increase a fail counter
    If it's "Pass" increase a fail counter
    Print the current stats (if any)

    [Optional] Come back here for help with the details once you have some code.
    Peter Otten, Dec 4, 2012
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