how to stop flash movie sound in a DHTML layer using javascript



I am new with JavaScript as well as with actionscipt and I need help
with one problem.

I have a website with thumbnails on it. When you click on small
thumbnail a hidden layer will be visible with the larger image of it.
I used code from

I have modified the code for same thing but using flash
movie[.swf]instead of .jpg. so when I click on image thumbnail it
shows my hidden layer with .swf playing in it.
Now the problem is this popup layer/window has a link that closes the
layer[you can see the example on the link above] using the function
written below.
function closepreview(){"hidden"
everything works fine except when I play ".swf" with sound and try to
close the layer/window, the movie stops playing but the sound
continues to play till i hit BACK button of the browser or close the

Is there any kind of command I can send to flash movie along with my
closepreview() function? or is there any other way to stop all the
sounds when i click on "close" button? I know there are ways for .wav
or .midi audio file but I am not able to find anything for .swf or

I would really appreciate if someone can help me in the matter.



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