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Discussion in 'HTML' started by mirage7513, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. mirage7513

    mirage7513 Guest


    I have developed a html form code generaor at the following address . The intended final use is for allowing people to make their custom forms and send them to recipients for collection of reports and then download the reports in csv,html formats.

    Kindly review the page and any valuable suggesstions will be very much appreciated.

    thanking you all.

    mirage7513, Jun 2, 2014
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  2. mirage7513

    Doug Miller Guest

    Only a fool would click on that link. Go away.
    Doug Miller, Jun 2, 2014
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  3. No, he/she/it did not write that. You have munged the address inside a
    Informing about services that relate to the topic of the group is not
    bad as such, though doing so without telling one's own name, one's
    affiliation with the service, and the commercial nature of the service
    is suspicious.

    More importantly, services like this tend to be crap, and this one is no
    exception. The basic idea is not bad, and the service has some support
    to new HTML5 input types, but the user interface has very poor
    usability, 1997-vintage colors, and poor quality of generated code, such
    as <form name="" method="" enctype="multipart/form-data">, which you
    would need to edit manually. And it generates a table of label/field
    pairs without generating <label> markup. So it mostly does things that
    you could just as well (or easier) do manually and does *not* handle the
    boring stuff like generating ids, <label> elements, and for=... attributes.
    Jukka K. Korpela, Jun 2, 2014
  4. mirage7513

    mirage7513 Guest

    At the beginning itself i would like to state i am good at problem solving with programming languages like cpp and php and with qt framework. I have been designing solutions for people who want them. I am not and never have been a good web designer. The page you see is made on trial basis to test the suitability for generating custom forms to collect reports from variousdata collection points. I myself am not convinced the page and tool to be ultimate and that is the reason why i posted here for it to be reviewed.

    The basic idea for this particular form is to generate code from a html form. You have rightly mentioned the colors are very vintage and that is a flaw i am working on. Regarding usability, the basic purpose is that people having limited knowledge of programming need to create their own custom formand be able to send that to data collection centres to fillout and submit it to main website for further analysis and action. i have intentionally left the name and method values blank for the form because they would be programatically decided inside the feature for which i am planning to use it. This particular form was made for review about its usability and acceptanceto general public and to get an idea of how easy it would be to create a form from the tool. The tool require nothing other than a mandaotory name and all other fields are optional. Though my enduser my not even see all those fields related design , making provisions for them is not bad. Additionally anyone interested in generating quick table format form may well use it with ease.

    I am further planning to implement ajax to various elements. And also an option to either use table, list, or simple label field values.

    Thank you for interest shown.

    My name is George, and I am from India. I have small firm that caters clients small office programming needs.
    I have recently joinined this forum for knowledge and information regardingHTML best practices and latest coding styles. I like the pseudonym mirage for online conversations.

    P.S. If you could guide me to some color suggestions, it would be very helpful.
    mirage7513, Jun 2, 2014
  5. mirage7513

    Gordon Levi Guest

    I found this book very helpful on all aspects of the aesthetics of web
    design including colour
    Gordon Levi, Jun 2, 2014
  6. I think you mean "for" rather than "from". At the page you mentioned,
    a visitor can use a graphic user interface to create an HTML form and
    see both the form (in some rendering) and the HTML code for it. As I
    wrote, the idea as such is OK.

    The first problem with using the page is that when the page is entered,
    a large ad appears, apparently an ad of a "free" or "cheap" hosting
    provider. This alone is sufficient to many people to go elsewhere.
    If you don't know which colors to use, use black on white - more
    exactly, let them be defaulted. People who use a page to create an HTML
    form should not expect an impressive visual experience but simply
    something that works. However, for the element that shows generated
    code, some distinctive background is probably good for usability. Make
    it something light so that the contrast between text and color is
    sufficient. And make the font size reasonable. A size of 10px is simply
    too small even for code that will mostly just by copied and pasted - it
    should still be *possible* to read it without zooming. The basic rule
    for setting font size is "Don't".
    The design of a form is just one part of that. You also need the
    server-side form handler, and normally the form has to be designed
    according to the requirements of the handler or together with it.
    Programmatically? How? The method=... and action=... attributes should
    be selected by the designer of the form, to match the form handler. The
    method=... attribute is optional, so there is little point in having
    method="" in the generated code. And the name=... attribute in <form> is
    outdated and never needed, though sometimes still used out of a habit.

    The page is slow. And I mean slow. It sends an HTTP request when the
    user adds a field to the form. Normally, generators like this work with
    client-side JavaScript. Interaction with server might be used to save
    the work on a server or to retrieve a saved work.

    For usability, the buttons

    (Tyhjennä) (Add Field) (New Form) (Cancel)

    are just too much. There is too big a risk for clicking on a wrong
    button, destroying the entered data. (Add field) should be enough.
    Starting a new form should be placed elsewhere, and the other are not

    As I mentioned, labels and controls should be associated using <label>
    markup. This is a basic accessibility requirement
    Jukka K. Korpela, Jun 2, 2014
  7. +1 to all of that.

    This is actually of some interest, because it mirrors a project I'm
    looking at undertaking, except I'm going to have to use an IIS / aspx
    environment, ah well, it will be another learning curve I guess.
    Denis McMahon, Jun 2, 2014
  8. mirage7513

    pentapus Guest

    Editing data by forms is such routine stuff I would think that there are
    many "frameworks" for that.

    Years ago, when I switched to PHP I wrote a database module that
    generates editable forms. You feed in the field names, labels, and field
    types and it generates a form and an editable, sortable and searchable
    table. PHP at that time had nothing even like perl's I tinker
    with it from time to time and add things I need, like date and time
    selects and image and file handling.

    Data is so fundamental to the web you have to have something or you wind
    up doing the same grunt work over and over and over.
    pentapus, Jun 5, 2014
  9. There are, but finding a good one is difficult. At worst, they automate
    just the trivial part which is almost as easily, or easier, created by
    typing simple HTML markup and a nice juicy piece of CSS. Even <label>
    markup is missing quite often. Do they create modern forms that use
    HTML5 input types with suitable fallback to JavaScript checks? Hardly.
    With forms, the situation still is that if you want to have correct,
    robust code that produces a good-looking, useable, accessible form, you
    have to do it yourself, more or less, or hire someone to do that for you.
    Jukka K. Korpela, Jun 5, 2014
  10. mirage7513

    pentapus Guest


    Do they create modern forms that use
    This is something that has come to my attention only recently. Looking
    again just now I see that there is more there than I expected! I'll add.

    Often something like this will sneak past me. So much in HTML and CSS is
    useless until it gets enough support that I little notice when something
    is now doable. If I don't see it here, I may not even know.
    Front end work is like that, it often has to fit in a spot.

    With back end work, the ability to easily add fields, rearrange and
    change types quickly is a big plus. Nobody ever really knows what they
    want/need until after they are using it!
    pentapus, Jun 5, 2014
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