I need help with this seemingly simple homework problem!

Sep 26, 2012
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So, we're given two classes originally.

public class Innocent
public static void main(String[] args)
String iAmGiving = "honor";
String result = Evil.bargain(iAmGiving);
System.out.println("Oh Woe! All I have received is " + result);

double sum = Evil.plus(2, 2.0);
System.out.println(Evil.plus(3, 4.5));


public class Evil
static public String bargain(String whatIsGiven)
System.out.println("Aha! I have received your " + whatIsGiven);
String whatIsReturned = "despair";
return whatIsReturned;
static public double plus(int a, double b)
return a + b;

And the assignment section I don't understand is where it asks me to do this:

1.)Add a method to Evil that has int[] as an argument which returns the sum of the first three elements in the array.

2.)In Innocent.main(), create a local variable array with at least 3 initialized elements (curly braces!)

3.)Add a call to your new Evil method using the array for the argument. Print the result.

I keep getting error messages like <identifier> expected. Please help!


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