Identifying if the program I have is python and then decompiling


May 29, 2022
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My wife befriended someone online and he said he could write a program to help her with some data input on her web site. He wrote a 9mb executable for her Mac which runs from within terminal. The program does in fact do what she wanted, but I'm skeptical about the program and hope it it doesnt contain any type of malware, back-doors, etc.

The Mac just identifies the program as a "Unix Executable" and the file has no extension. The contents of the file appear to be compiled (most of the contents are not human readable). Looking through the file with a hex editor I do see some references to py and python in it which is why I started in this forum.

Are there any terminal commands or other ways to find out more about the program?
Anything I can look for in the program to confirm that is python?

Ultimately I would like to "de-compile" the program (not really sure that it is truly compiled, or why I can read the code) and see what it does.

Any help about the next steps to take in any part of this mess would be welcome.
Thanks in advance


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