Images adding unwanted spacing to the bottom of a line

Discussion in 'HTML' started by Geoff Hague, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. Geoff Hague

    Geoff Hague Guest

    (posted to both alt.html and c.i.w.a.s. as I'm not sure what, exactly, is at
    fault here)

    I'm doing a site re-design:
    (the original version can be found at the root of this domain, though I
    don't suppose that matters much).

    My question involves the little star-rating graphics in the Movie Reviews
    box on the right-hand side. You'll notice that the presence of these images
    add a pixel or two of extra spacing to the bottom of each line that they're
    on (notice how all other listings in the right-hand boxes, without the
    star-rating images, do not have this extra height).

    Any ideas how I can fix that? I'm certain it's not got anything to do with
    the height of the images themselves, and I've also been unable to fix is by
    zero-ing the padding or magins of the images.

    Geoff Hague, Oct 25, 2004
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  2. Geoff Hague

    Neal Guest

    Try changing the font-size. See how it changes.

    In IE, images don't scale with the text. This is unavoidable.

    In CSS, you could set the height of the image to 1em or so, maybe 0.9em,
    and that will prevent the lines from getting more spaced out.
    Neal, Oct 25, 2004
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  3. Geoff Hague

    Mark Parnell Guest

    But will probably mean the image will look dodgy.
    Mark Parnell, Oct 25, 2004
  4. Geoff Hague

    Gus Richter Guest

    Try changing the images' vertical alignment with:
    baseline - bottom of the img is on the baseline
    bottom - bottom of the img is a couple of pixels below the baseline
    middle - centers the img over the ascender to the descender
    You will probably go with bottom instead of your present middle.
    Gus Richter, Oct 25, 2004
  5. Geoff Hague

    Neal Guest

    Well, guess what. Images inline with text are an issue with IE.

    His page looked fine in Opera and Firefox. Too bad IE again drops the
    ball. They're the new Red Sox.

    (thank goodness we have a new Red Sox in the WS, despite errors)
    Neal, Oct 25, 2004
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