imap mail fetching problem

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by ssljjfsf 123, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. ssljjfsf 123

    ssljjfsf 123 Guest

    HIII all
    i am trying to fetch the emails of a perticular date...but i am getting some of the emails of a particular date not all the emails of that date...
    my code is as follow

    imap ='',993,true,nil,false)
    imap.examine("INBOX")["SINCE","17-Aug-2012"]).each do |id|
    email = imap.fetch(id, "BODY[]")[0].attr["BODY[]"]
    mail =
    puts "************date***************************"
    puts "************subject************************"
    puts mail.subject
    ssljjfsf 123, Aug 17, 2012
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