Implementing Unrelated Interfaces

Discussion in 'Java' started by Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Mar 8, 2011
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  2. I'm not a fan of:

    " Error: Server Error
    " The server encountered an error and could not complete your request.
    " If the problem persists, please report your problem and mention this
    " error message and the query that caused it.

    either... (perhaps just bad luck at the time that I tried it)
    Andreas Leitgeb, Mar 8, 2011
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  3. I'd be very surprised, if "tin" didn't even show the link.

    (whether the link worked or not is a different thing)
    Andreas Leitgeb, Mar 8, 2011
  4. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    Mayeul Guest

    I can see a point in separating tasks by the model, without this point
    being broken if any particular use of this model reunifies some or all
    of the tasks in one single place.
    Mayeul, Mar 8, 2011
  5. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    Roedy Green Guest

    I use a metaphor. An interface is like a job description, e.g.
    coffee lady, file clerk, typist, computer repair person, high speed
    copy equipment operator ...

    Any one person may be capable of fulfulling half a dozen such roles.

    You are ok so long as you write your code based on the role, not the
    specific person, who incidentally can fulfill that role.
    Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products
    Refactor early. If you procrastinate, you will have
    even more code to adjust based on the faulty design.
    Roedy Green, Mar 8, 2011
  6. Daniele Futtorovic, Mar 8, 2011
  7. It is a class that extends another class and implements
    two interfaces.

    It seems to support the point of separating classes and interfaces.

    Arne Vajhøj, Mar 8, 2011
  8. But what is the perceived problem?

    Arne Vajhøj, Mar 8, 2011
  9. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    markspace Guest

    Damn, you got that answer. How did you know that?
    markspace, Mar 10, 2011
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