IMPORTANT: Posting to the ruby-talk ML through Google Groups



Important Notice for Google Group users.

You will need to be subscribed to ruby-talk ML even when posting
through the Google Groups web interface.

If you aren't subscribed to the ML Google Groups will NOT warn you.
Your mail will be lost.

Detailed information on how to subscribe to ruby-talk without
receiving mail is as follows:

It is possible to subscribe in a write-only mode (you won't receive
any list mail) by sending the following commands to [email protected]

subscribe First-Name Last-Name

You can use the following link to to get a template mail where you
only need to fill in your name:

mailto:[email protected]?body=subscribe%20Your%20Name

Hope this helps!

Please do not reply to this message!

On Google Groups this message is sticky and it is impossible to reply
to it.

Kind regards,
Trans (via Florian Gross)


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