[info] rpa auto-updates; first time experience

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Peña, Botp, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. Peña, Botp

    Peña, Botp Guest

    This is my first experience on rpa's autoupdate feature.
    Thank you Mauricio (aka batsman).

    kind regards -botp


    C:\family\ruby>rpa update
    Getting port info from http://rpa-base.rubyforge.org/ports/ports.info.
    100% [========================================] 83331 bytes

    Ports added since the last update (in the last 14 days):
    ansicolor 0.0.3-2 Library to color strings using ANSI escape sequences.
    rubilicius 0.1.0-1 Delicious (http://del.icio.us/) bindings in pure

    Ports updated since the last update (in the last 14 days):
    archive-tar-minitar 0.5.0-1 -> 0.5.1-1
    bluecloth 0.0.3b-1 -> 1.0.0-1
    diff-lcs 1.1.0-1 -> 1.1.2-2
    extensions 0.3.0-1 -> 0.4.0-1
    rpa-base 0.2.1-9 -> 0.2.1-10

    ** New version of rpa-base available, will install it. **

    Installing ports
    Getting port rpa-base from
    100% [========================================] 58880 bytes
    Defaults loaded...
    Recovering defaults...
    Building rpa-base (0.2.1-10).
    Fixed shebang in rpa/tmp/bin/rpa.
    Fixed shebang in rpa/tmp/bin/rpa-buildport.
    Fixed shebang in rpa/tmp/bin/rpa-buildrepos.rb.
    Fixed shebang in rpa/tmp/bin/rpaadmin.
    Calculating MD5 digests.
    Building package in rpa-base_0.2.1-10_i386-pc-mswin32.rpa.
    Installing rpa-base
    Reusing cached package
    Starting lightweight (metadata only) transaction for rpa-base
    Checking for file conflicts in rpa-base.
    Starting transaction for rpa-base
    Preparing to replace rpa-base 0.2.1-9 with
    Finished transaction for rpa-base
    Starting lightweight (metadata only) transaction for rpa-base
    Finished lightweight (metadata only) transaction for rpa-base
    Finished lightweight (metadata only) transaction for rpa-base
    Committed changes
    Peña, Botp, Sep 28, 2004
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  2. Self-upgrade isn't atomic yet, but nobody has complained about that
    so it must not be that important (in fact nobody seems to care about
    atomicity at all :).
    My case-sensitive eyes appreciate ;-)
    Is 14 days OK, or maybe too short? I could also make it 'added/updated
    since the last update', period...
    Mauricio Fernández, Sep 28, 2004
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  3. Peña, Botp

    David Ross Guest

    Thats because the atomicity has prevented problems that would have been
    caused otherwise. If you use FreeBSD ports, you will know what I mean
    when during post-install scripts just screw up because of a software bug
    from the packaged softwre. Atomicity is important ;)

    David Ross, Sep 28, 2004
  4. Peña, Botp

    Aredridel Guest

    Nobody cares until they hit the interrupt key and have to go clean up.

    Atomicity is a good thing, but if it works, nobody notices.

    I'd love it if it was since last update. I'd rather see too much
    information than have the sense that I missed something.
    Aredridel, Sep 29, 2004
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