IntelliSense and [attributes]



It seems a common enough thing. Write a custom control and then need want
intellisense to work in html view. Off we go to write and .xsd. And, if we
used and ASP control as a base we end up copying most or all of the asp.xsd
file into our little .xsd.... (whcih would be alleviated if <xsd:import>
were supported).

But why not just be able to add an attribute on the new property

class Foo
protected string bar;

public string Bar
get { return; }
set { = value; }

That would allow for (a) continuous integration (XP-methodology) with a
single point of control for out source and its implications for the system.
Simple packages to install (no need to throw a (possibly bloated by asp.xsd
inclusion) .xsd into the deeply nested schema/xml direction. Is this
planned? Are there any open APIs for intellisense. Currently my option
seems to be: write a simple generator for the .xsd file based on
[IntelliSense] (or similar) attribute.


Ezra E.


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