Is it possible to program a peer-to-peer network where you can customize your own client and server IP addresses? like radios on the same Hz

Oct 25, 2022
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I'm thinking going way down low even to machine codes and assembly languages to make a peer-to-peer chat app, basically like a radio where you communicate by being on the same frequency, like any typical P2P network, every device is a client and server, but in this app every client will be assigned the same IP and so will the server, so when everyone has the same IPs, no one will know who is who
For example, when if everyone agrees on as a server their IPs will be, and everyone as a client will be, when you send a message you will be sending the message without knowing which server you are sending to, the every will be actively listening to client, when the server receives a message from the server won't know which did the message came from
Mar 11, 2022
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Not the Server IP, but the HZ, if you use HZ as room ID than yes.
If it's just a chat APP, (users typing in different rooms/HZ in realtime) than socket.IO is all you need. Simple to install and simple to use. You don't even need us because has the best documentation.

If it's more like streaming than you may need us. But your talking about "going down to machine code ans assembly labuages" which even was oldschool when my generation learned it (and im 48). So maybe you are the genius and should teach us dumb people and don't need our help for that reason. Because that is absolutely not going way down low.

If you're talking about streaming than you also should consider using as a signaling server. But also a NAT Server (WebRTC) and a stun plus turn server. Stun servers are available from google for free. But still you should use cortana (or similiar) to get your own. Google servers are used from Millions of people at the same sec. So they behave like a horse that carries a hundred people on it's back (hope that picture helps)

All the IP stuff is BS. You don't need it. Above is everything you need for your goal. If you don't understand a word of it (machine code guy) than you should come back after learning a bit of it, Because that is absolutely mandatory. If you don't know what i was talking about you will fail. And you need way more than just a forum.

You can hire my though.

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