Jabber4r With Ruby 1.8.0

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Joey Gibson, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Joey Gibson

    Joey Gibson Guest

    Is anyone using Jabber4r (or the latest CVS version) with the PragProg
    install of Ruby 1.8.0? When I try to connect to my local Jabber server,
    the Ruby program seems to hang, but I can look in the log on my server
    and see that the user in the script properly authenticated. Here's the

    require 'jabber4r/jabber4r'

    sess = Jabber::Session.bind("[email protected]/Gaim", "mst3k")
    puts sess.is_authenticated?

    It never makes it beyond the first statement. I'm on a Win2k box using
    the MSVC-compiled PragProg version of Ruby 1.8.0.

    Advice, anyone?

    Never trust a girl with your mother's cow,
    never let your trousers go falling down in the green grass...

    Joey Gibson, Nov 19, 2003
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