Jasper Report vs. Crystal Reports

Discussion in 'Java' started by stanberka, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. stanberka

    stanberka Guest

    Could anyone compare both reporting tools? We need to decide which one
    to choose. So far, we have been using the PowerBuilder, even for our
    Java apps (started via a system call).

    I know of a 3 year old comparison
    (http://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=1503738), but a lot
    have probably changed since them on both sides.

    Stan Berka
    stanberka, Feb 14, 2005
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  2. I hate Crystal, so I'll vote against it even though I've never used Jasper!

    Add one more to the list though, we've had good success with
    CrystalClear over at http://www.inetsoftware.de/ CC is as feature rich
    as Crystal and the server side stuff actually runs!
    Shane Petroff, Feb 14, 2005
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  3. stanberka

    reddeagle Guest

    Hi Stan,
    Jasper reports is an excellent open source reporting tool. It has
    plenty of support in the open source community and has good desinger
    tools out there too.
    Will you need non technical users to design reports? if not then jasper
    is a good choice, it integrates well into web applications and can take
    data from ValueObjects or the database or other data sources.
    It exports well into pdf xls etc.
    reddeagle, Feb 14, 2005
  4. stanberka

    David Segall Guest

    I don't think these two products are comparable. JasperReports does
    not include a GUI designer for reports although you could add iReport
    (http://ireport.sourceforge.net/). JasperReports and iReport are in
    Beta and are open source. Crystal Reports is sold as a fully supported
    commercial product with no access to the source code. JasperReports
    and iReport are Java based which is reflected in their expression
    syntax. Crystal Reports has it's own language.
    David Segall, Feb 15, 2005
  5. stanberka

    dar7yl Guest

    Crystal has a mature designer that works quite well, and is straight-forward
    for non-technical people to use.

    HOWEVER, their server system SUX big.
    Not to mention their gold-digging licencing schemes.
    They evidently are reinforcing the hype that if you
    call your crap "Enterprise", all the Fortune-500's
    will be flocking to you, waving wads of cash.

    Jasper is still in it's infancy. The tools are all there, but it still
    needs a comprehensive framework wrapped around it.
    As well, it is very hard to set up - for the non-technical user.

    What would be nice is a converter from crystal report format
    to jasper format. I doubt the crystal people are going to do that.

    I would like to recommend Jasper, but beware there is a steep
    learning curve, and a huge configuration task involved.

    dar7yl, Feb 15, 2005
  6. stanberka

    stanberka Guest

    Hi Reddea,
    Thanks. I think the same. And we will create reports ourselves for
    users. Are you using JaspeReport yourself or in your company?
    stanberka, Feb 15, 2005
  7. Amen! Can anyone say 5 reboots per day...

    Gold-digging doesn't even come close, it's out and out robbery. A while
    ago when they changed their pricing schemes, they put me in a position
    where the report licensing was significantly more expensive than what I
    was charging for the main application. My dependency on Crystal sent my
    'all in' price from competitive to out of the market.

    The nice thing about CrystalClear is that they have done this. In fact
    better, they appear to have reverse-engineered Crystal's file format;
    many rpt files can be used seamlessly within CC. Of the 300 odd reports
    we use, I'd say that 80-90% of them work seemlessly (some however just
    had to be rewritten).

    Shane Petroff, Feb 15, 2005
  8. stanberka

    steve Guest

    Ireports V Crystalreports.

    Jasperreports is a "backend" library.

    you will be very surprised at the quality & speed of Ireports.

    steve, Feb 17, 2005
  9. stanberka

    dar7yl Guest

    What is your definition of "backend library"? As opposed to what?
    Could you please define Ireports? How does it compare with Jasper
    and Crystal reports?

    dar7yl, Feb 17, 2005
  10. stanberka

    Aquila Deus Guest

    dunno about Jasper Report, but Crystal Report's document is one of the
    worst I have seen.
    Aquila Deus, Feb 18, 2005
  11. stanberka

    steve Guest

    go take a look at Ireports.
    then look at Jasper.

    but why don't you just read what it says on source forge ,on the jasper
    reports page.:

    Free Java reporting library. XML report templates are used to generate ready
    to print documents using data from customizable data sources, including JDBC.
    The output can be delivered to the screen, printer, or stored in PDF, HTML,
    XLS, CSV and XML format

    and for IREPORTS:

    Welcome to the most enhanced visual report builder for JasperReports

    Project description
    iReport is a powerful, intuitive and easy to use visual report
    builder/designer for JasperReports written in 100% pure java. This tool
    allows users to visually edit complex reports with charts, images,
    subreports,.... iReport is integrated with JFreeChart, one of the most
    diffused OpenSource chart library for java. The data to print can be
    retrieved through several ways including multiple JDBC connections,
    TableModels, JavaBeans, XML, etc..

    that is my , and it appears the programmers idea what a library routine is:
    steve, Feb 19, 2005
  12. stanberka

    steve Guest

    jasper's doc, is ok, but then again , crystal is not "free".

    just by fooling about , you can build, very complex reports, but what is
    really nice, is that it is WYSIWUG.
    steve, Feb 19, 2005
  13. stanberka


    Mar 8, 2010
    Likes Received:
    An alternative to crystal reports

    I agree, I have found Crystal reports has many great features but I'm not an advanced database programmer or business analysis. Having to wait for someone else to create reports is frustrating as reporting gets the lowest priority. I have been using a program called Stonefield Query. Simple, fast, and powerful report generator that works with any database. Give it a try. I love it!
    kkupchyk, Mar 8, 2010
  14. stanberka


    Jul 30, 2010
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    jasper report

    Jasper report is a popular tool for report generation.

    Open source tools normally lack good documentation or technical support.

    Packet publishing is filling the gap by publishing books on popular open source tools.

    Packet latest Japer reports book named JasperReports 3.6 Development Cookbook by Bilal Siddiqui helps you visually design using iReport (i.e. visual designing tool for JasperReports).

    I have red this book. it is simple step by step guide for managers to create reports without going in programming. The book do have section for programmers to use jasper report in desktop and web applications.

    One chapter of the book is available for free download. This chapter demonstrates how to work with complex mathematical expressions. You can download the chapter from the following URL.


    You may check out the complete packtpub.com/toc/jasperreports-36-development-cookbook-table-contents here.
    rohani, Jul 30, 2010
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