Java audio recording


Uncle Sam

I am trying to build a Java application that will record whatever
audio is being played at the computer's default audio output device at
any time. This means that if the audio output device is an external
speaker, then the audio being played at the speaker should be
recorded. On the other hand, if the headphones with a microphone are
connected, then whatever is being heard at the headphones should be
recorded along with whatever is being spoken into the microphone.

My problem is that the application works fine when no input device
(i.e. microphone) is connected. However, when a microphone is
connected, it only records the audio input (from the microphone) but
not the audio output (say from any other source on the computer).

All this boils down to this:
If I am playing a song and voice chatting with my friend at the same
time, I want to record both the song as well as my voice chat. Is
there any way to do this in Java? In any other language?

Another issue is, when I connect a microphone with the headphones, I
can't seem to find the device that is playing out the rest of the
audio (in the above case, the song) from the listing of all the audio
devices. Any ideas on this?

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