Large File Upload using Webservices...




I am using a native file upload technic which currently supports
small files. But i need to upload the file of size more than 200 mb to 300

I have used many 3rd party components, but since my Web Server, App Server
and file server are located in seperate machines, 3rd party components, what
i have used does not fit in to this architecture. I am using web services in
app server to communicate between web and app servers. Previously i am using
byte[] to achieve small file uploads.

Please suggest me any .net technics or 3rd party components supporting large
file uploads (more than 150 mb) with this architecture.




bruce barker

you should look at webdav (an extension to web services). it supports
reading and writing blocks, so if there is a network error, the upload
can restart where it left off.

-- bruce (

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