lAUNCH perl script from java

Dec 22, 2008
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Hi all I am new in this foro,

First of all, to say hello. :)

now, I am trying to launch a Perl code from java code,Actually It works and the perl script is running(when i save the script in my local machine,) but when I try to launch it from the server, it does not work, and Tomcat reports me this error.
[3] response status done for 689374
Can't open perl script ttp://localhost:8080/ChatOS/ Invalid argument
...BugzillaChatosServlet finished sucessfully
this forum doesn´t not permit to me to post links so i can not put the code

mainly, If i save the ws perl script in C: etc etc works
it I save the ws perl script in localhost, tomcat etc, it does not work

Does somebody knows what should I do , any piece of advise will be great for me,



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