Lisp/Python programmers (among others) wanted

Discussion in 'Python' started by Tech HR, Dec 19, 2006.

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    Smart Charter Inc. is a dynamic new startup company whose goal is to
    revolutionize the charter jet industry. If you are looking for a stable
    9-5 job, look elsewhere. If you are ready for a challenging
    ground-floor opportunity with significant upside potential you've come
    to the right place. We are not your typical dotcom. We have a
    razor-sharp focus on an existing multi-billion-dollar market. We also
    have the connections and the technical expertise we need to
    revolutionize an industry. If that sounds like something you'd like to
    be part of, drop us a line.

    We are currently hiring for the following positions:

    Web developer: We are a principally a LAMP shop with P=Python, with some
    of our more advanced development currently taking place using Common
    Lisp. We are more interested in brains and motivation than formal
    credentials, though a degree in CS can't hurt. But if we have to choose
    between a passionate high school dropout and and an apathetic Ph.D.
    we'll take the dropout. If your main expertise is Java you are probably
    not a good fit.

    We are currently hiring for the following positions:

    Windows developer: Although we are primarily a Linux shop, we have to
    interface with some existing Windows legacy applications whose vendors
    may or may not be cooperative. We need someone who is a wizard at
    reverse-engineering Windows applications and data file formats, and
    building interfaces to them by whatever means necessary.

    System administrator: Our production environment is currently Linux, but
    we also have OS X and Windows machines at the corporate office. Ideally
    we'd like to find someone with experience in all three environments, but
    if we have to choose we would prefer Linux expertise over the other two.

    Senior applications developer: Our advanced applications work is
    currently being done in Common Lisp, but that could change depending on
    who we find to fill this position. If you are the sort of person who
    has always wanted an opportunity to prove that Haskell or OCaml is the
    Best Way to write software, this could be your chance. But CL is
    currently our first choice.

    These four positions do not necessarily have to be filled by four
    distinct people. A breadth of experience and expertise is highly
    desirable. A passion for flying wouldn't hurt either.

    Smart Charter is located in the Los Angeles area. Telecommuting
    is a possibility, but would not be our first choice.

    Contact us at tech-hr at smartcharter dot com.
    Tech HR, Dec 19, 2006
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