Listview ItemCommand



I have a listview and I'm creating some image link buttons in the item place
holder. If a guest is logged in the app I add some javascript so when they
click the link buttons I just change some client stuff. If the app is run
by admin I want to implement the ItemCommand and execute some server code
when the user clicks the link button.

If I set up my listview in my .aspx like below, it's fine for my admin mode
but I want to default for guest mode (w/o the OnItemCommand) and let the
javascript execute - so I've removed the OnItemCommand.

How can I add the OnItemCommand="ListViewRates_ItemCommand" in my c# on the
page_load when I'm loading for admin mode?

<asp:ListView ID="ListViewItemRates" runat="server"

DataKeyNames="ItemID" OnItemDataBound="ListViewItemRates_ItemDataBound">

Coskun Sunali [MVP]

Hi Tom,

It would be like below:

private bool IsAdmin()
return true; // or false depending on your business

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (this.IsAdmin())
ListViewItemRates.ItemCommand += new

private void ListViewRates_ItemCommand(object sender,
ListViewCommandEventArgs e)


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