looking for advice how to get IE8 quite easy

Discussion in 'HTML' started by Jan Clemens Faerber, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. now there have been so much information
    that the heaven on earth always falls back
    due to IE8.
    Is it compulsary to check a page with this?

    ok - so - let me know what is quite simple
    with win7-64bit

    virtual box? or a second OS user?
    or a program with more browsers?
    10 yrs ago i asked it already
    but time goes on - can't be a mistake to ask again
    Jan Clemens Faerber, Jan 24, 2014
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  2. In IE 11, press the F12 key, click on the Emulation button (looks like a
    desktop computer) or type Ctrl 8, then select 8 from the "Document mode"

    It's just emulation of course, but should work well enough for practical
    Jukka K. Korpela, Jan 24, 2014
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  3. thank you a lot! now that was really easy :)
    Jan Clemens Faerber, Jan 24, 2014
  4. Shoot they must have added 5 with the IE11 upgraded, I hadn't noticed it
    before. IE5 was hell, but IE 6 was a "special" hell...of course until
    legacy means IE10 web authoring will be a PITA.
    Jonathan N. Little, Jan 24, 2014
  5. Some preview versions of IE 11 lacked simulation of old versions, and
    this caused a lot of frustration and complaints, and the released IE 11
    luckily has rather good simulation.

    Version 5 is there because it is what later versions of IE have
    simulated, more or less, in Quirks Mode. IE 10 however changed the rules
    of the game:

    "In IE 10, the old IE Quirks Mode is now called IE 5 Quirks Mode.
    Another Quirks Mode has been added, under the plain name Quirks Mode or
    the name HTML5 Quirks Mode, which better resembles the Quirks Modes of
    other browsers. It is briefly described in the Microsoft document HTML5
    quirks mode. The mode is presumably meant to reflect what is defined as
    Quirks Mode in “HTML5â€, which means in practice things like HTML5 CR
    (which has notes about Quirks Mode scattered around) and Quirks Mode
    Living Standard and some other specification-like documents.

    The bad news to people maintaining legacy pages is that lack of DOCTYPE
    triggers this new Quirks Mode on IE 10. This means that things may go
    badly wrong on very old-style pages that relied on old quirks and
    IE-specific features (like the expression() construct in CSS). The way
    to get the old IE Quirks Mode is to use the following tag:
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=5">


    So if your page lacks <!doctype html> or one of the few other doctype
    strings that trigger Standards Mode, you will get "classic" IE Quirks
    Mode on IE up to IE 9; the new, differently quirky HTML5 Quirks Mode on
    IE 10 and newer; and possibly standards mode in some future browsers.
    The mode difference may mean nothing, or it may essentially change
    (e.g., break) the layout; or something between the extremes.

    The morale is that new pages should be written to work in standards
    mode. It is less clear what should be done with old pages. As a basic
    rule, however, we can say: if it works, don't fix it.
    Jukka K. Korpela, Jan 24, 2014
  6. Jan Clemens Faerber

    BootNic Guest


    ¦ Can I use document modes instead of testing new sites in
    ¦ older versions of IE?

    ¦ Document Mode is only an approximation to the actual
    ¦ behavior of older versions of Internet Explorer, and should
    ¦ not be used to determine whether a site works properly in an
    ¦ older browser. Instead, developers should test with actual
    ¦ copies of the browsers they wish to support. Microsoft makes
    ¦ free virtual machine images available across platforms and
    ¦ can be downloaded at Virtual Machine Downloads

    BootNic Fri Jan 24, 2014 03:45 pm
    The human mind treats a new idea the same way the body treats a strange
    protein; it rejects it.
    *P. B. Medawar*

    Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    BootNic, Jan 24, 2014
  7. i.e., IE Hell ;-)
    Jonathan N. Little, Jan 24, 2014

  8. yesterday night walking to the swimming hall...
    i had this other idea: i post it here to contribute some (i hope) useful:

    i am using win7 - it's professional - yes, i bought it because
    some additional features - at least windows virtual PC with XP mode is working

    i installed that now again because after the service last year -
    well, the back-up DVD was not doable - or i don't know where to press :)

    so I have now a Windows XP on my desktop
    with Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.5512.xpsp_sp3_gdr.090206-1234

    i will check if i can install a second XP mode with IE 8
    google says IE 9 is not available on windows XP
    Jan Clemens Faerber, Jan 25, 2014
  9. ....

    i will have a little chop at mcdonald's now
    i don't want to update from ie6 to ie8 because then i loose ie6

    i installed the xp mode (en version) with my german keyboard
    and in the settings of another virtual pc i used again
    the "virtual xp mode.vhd" file - when i came to the login
    my password was not recognized - i have to change 'z' with 'y'
    during typing - a familiar problem when saving changes in the BIOS
    you have to confirm with 'Y' and on the german keyboard it's a 'Z'

    maybe i have to copy the .vhd file or else i will get the same update
    on both virtual pcs when i work with only one file used two times
    in two different settings of two virtual pcs -
    Jan Clemens Faerber, Jan 25, 2014
  10. Jan Clemens Faerber

    TK Guest

  11. Jan Clemens Faerber

    jfaerber172 Guest

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