Starting a Big Project - Looking to Learn

Jan 18, 2020
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I am in a non-technical role starting a big development project. (at least big for me).

I am not a programmer although I have some experience with HTML, CSS long ago. I will be hiring developers.

I am joining this forum just to ask questions and learn more about the process so that I am not completely lost as the project progresses.

I am currently creating a wireframe and a functional specification document. I will be hiring a UI designer followed by developers next.

I will be managing outside developers, designers (either individuals or third party shops). Any advice for someone in my position?
Jul 12, 2020
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1. Get a master developer! The master developer must check and verify all coding used in the project to ensure security and make modifications as needed or required to any portion of the programming used in the project.

2. Divide into groups. Visual template developers vs. systems coder(s). Only specific individuals need access to actual system, but not to the entire system kinda like a file system on lock down, where only specific individuals can enter a directory. The master developer decides and appoints those individuals and points out their responsibilities.

3. Break project down into smaller portions such as login system programming and template changes. Building large structures from smaller options allows applications
to expand and collapse where needed without interrupting the entire system.

I wrote an article a while back called "Problems With Authority" that laid out a lot about different types of programmers and who's responsible for what and why. But sadly I no longer have anywhere to host it or any of the others.

Hope this helps some if you need help laying things out let me know.

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