Need feedback from experienced developer when a project grows and git please

Nov 19, 2020
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What started to be a small project for a customer is becoming a big issue for me.

I am currently using Laravel and Vue js, remember, I never worked in a team, always on my own, therefore I am not aware of various clever technics when it comes to keeping a good workflow when an app increases in size.

My problem is exactly this:

1)Imagine that today I have a controller with 10 methods, Let's say I have a big update to work on and work on 5 methods in this class.
In between, the customer finds a bug which points to the same controller, but by the time, I cannot fix it because I am already working withing this controller, how to fix this?

2)My second problem is when I work with vue js, each time you have to recompile the app for production, but what happens when you work on some pages and your customer needs a quick update on 1 page? Right now if I recompile everything, my current work(unfinished) will be mixed up with the update, causing a crash on the site, how to go around this please?

I would love to learn from people who have worked on bigger projects.

Right now I am using GIT on my own, each time I do a change, I push the change with a commit and description, but that's all I do, is there a way to fix the above issues via GIT? I am very confused when it comes to using GIT properly.

Thanks all!

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