Insight on a coding project.

Jun 19, 2022
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Hi Everyone:

I was hoping to get some insight on a project I am working on.

The long and short of it, we are looking for payload builder with a control panel to create a remote access terminal. The payload will have a key logger as one of the features.

We also want to be able to create subs with a dedicated control panel but can be controlled also by the main builder. In other words, creating a parent and child relationship. The parent should have the ability to terminate the operation of the child c panel at will.

Happy to seat and discuss again.

What we need is a strong KEYLOGGER ( FUD ).

A keylogger with the functionality to grab all logins on a PC, both logins in the computer browsers and computer apps too. ( FUD )

The KEYLOGGER should be a builder too.

Also the keylogger should be built in a way one can always have the options to choose it's format of sending it out through emails.



It should be built in a way one can easily change the Keylogger format or File extension before sending it out.

The KEYLOGGER Should also be able to update new passwords on it's panel, when the victim or slave changes a new password.

It should be able to grab live key strokes too


It will need to work on all platforms like email providers esp Gmail, Windows, MacOS etc.
What do you think? I have built keyloggers in the past, but would like to know how you would go about this project. Thanks for the insight!


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