Microsoft Visual Studio AJAX Profiling Extensions Power Tool



If you are using Microsoft tools, and want to profile your client-side
JavaScript code, check this new free tool out. It lets you profile
your Javascript running on the client using most popular browsers
without any modifications on the client side. There are Server
Components that install on IIS7, and a Visual Studio add-in that
installs on Visual Studio 2008 Developer Edition (or Team System).

The server pieces modify the JavaScript and collect the timing
information back on the server. Then you can download the profiling
information and view it with the Visual Studio Performance Tools. It
works with FireFox, and IE, and most other browsers that support
JavaScript. If you have lots of client-side code, give it a try, you
just might find out why some of your code runs slowly.


Full Disclosure, I worked on this project, so I'm rather biased, but
give it a try, it's free!


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