How to make Intellisense Quick Info for JavaScript and CSS files to appear in Visual Studio 2017?

Jul 29, 2008
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In Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017, when I edit a JavaScript or CSS file, the Intellisense Quick Info for Members, Objects and other keywords don't appear. However, when I open the same files in Visual Studio Code 1.66.0, Intellisense Quick Info is shown properly. This results in me failing to interpret the significance of JS and CSS functions and keywords, hence, causing a ream of inconvenience to me. Why is this happening and how can I make Quick Info appear properly for JS and CSS files in Visual Studio 2017? Any help on this matter is greatly complimented.


Please take a look at the screenshots below:

VS Code showing Quick Info for response.cookie() method in JS file
VS Code_JS.jpg

Visual Studio 2017 not showing Quick Info for the same JS file
VS 2017_JS.jpg

VS Code showing Quick Info for background-attachment property in CSS file
VS Code_CSS.jpg

Visual Studio 2017 not showing Quick Info for the same CSS file
VS 2017_CSS.jpg


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