multiple nested gridviews



I have a parent gridview that has a child gridview and both work fine. It is
when I add a second nested gridview (grandchild) that seems to break the
expand collapse. So I thought I would seek advice from the group. All the
information for all the gridviews comes from the same table, CR. The parent
gridview shows all open change requests (parent, child, grandchild, ..) from
the CR table. Child gridview (level2) comes from a view of the CR table with
an alias for the ID. Grandchild gridview (level3) comes from another view
with a different alias for the ID. All the gridviews populate properly. On
the main gridview in a template column there is an arrow to click to expand
that row. There is also one that appears on the child gridview. This is
confusing trying to explain this. Let me use an example if I can.

ID CR col3 col4 col5
-> 494 xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
ID CR col3
-> 495 xxxx xxxx
-> 495 xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

All open CR's appear on the main gridview. ID 495 is showing since the main
gridview shows all open CR's. ID 495 is also a child of 494. ID 495 also
has children. The arrow to 494 works fine and like it should to expand and
collapse. The arrow for 495 will not expand the 495 row in the main
gridview, but oddly enough, it will expand/collapse the 495 row that is in
the nested grid under 494. There is an arrow in the child gridview next to
all the listed CR's, same as the parent gridview. This works fine and will
expand/collapse the child 495. But the child arrow for 495 does not operate
the arrow from the main gridview.

I am at a loss on why this is occurring. If someone wants to look at this
let me know and I will provide the code (source and behind) in a post for
these nested gridviews. Google has not provided any info regarding this

Thanks... John


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