Multiple Web Site Hosting in IIS With Multiple Domain Names

Jul 11, 2010
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I have 2 domain names such as abc and xyz. I have a machine which is having a manual ip address of and in this machine I have created two websites in the IIS 7.5 in Windows 7, In the binding properties, I have set the ip address assigned/unassigned and the host name to the domain name abc to one web site and xyz to the other website, also both the websites run on port 80.

I have a dynalink router, where I have set the Virtual Server => Port Forwarding => Web Server pointing to machine.

I am not able to view the web sites when I give by domain names, when i type abc I wish to see website1 and xyz I wish to see website2, When i tried removing the host names from the binding, I am able to view my website1 after typing the domain name xyz.

Is there anything I am missing or pointing wrongly ? or doing wrong here ? Please advise.

Thanks Vinay


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