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Dmitry V. Sabanin

Hi all,

Here's a bugfix release of MuraveyWeb. If you're using it, I strongly
recommend you to upgrade.

*demo application is up again*

About MuraveyWeb
MuraveyWeb is a Content Management System built on top of magical Ruby
on Rails web-framework. It helps you to develop typical web solutions
painlessly and in almost no time, while having freedom at designing
the result and displaying the content.

[ if you want to know more about MuraveyWeb, consider reading ]

Right now I'm working on brand new version of MuraveyWeb. It will have
none of current MW limitations and introduce such great things as:
* full-blown AJAX interface
* integrated interface to view content, with easy templating support
(which means no simplefolders, or at least alternative to it)
* reworked and refined internals
* content publication wizards
* new content browser
* probably new UI with fresh design.

I have plans to release something until the end of May. If you have
ideas or want to help with something -- please join me. Together we
can do much more :)
I've setup Trac+SVN server, mail me if you want access to it.

* Bug with custom document types and dates fixed [ #1759 ]
* Custom document type builder javascript bug fixed
* Fixed image renaming problems
* Fixed remove index action for documents
* Removed multiple misleading unit test errors on win32
* Experimental incomplete PostgreSQL adapter and schemas
* Messed up textile help layout in textile editor fixed
* Fixed png transparency problems by converting all transparent png
icons to gif

* Win32 problems with paths fixed
* Fixed problems with copying database.yml
* Now setting correct UTF-8 encoding for content
* Default controller now works without need to delete index.html
* Taking site name from site.yml in account when generate layout.rhtml

MuraveyWeb license is MIT as Ruby on Rails'.

* Administrator interface demo:
š šlogin: admin
š špassword: admin
* Writer and editor interface demo is on the same URL
login: writer
password: writer

* SimpleFolders application demo:
* MW illustated documentation:

You can download packages here:

There's a list of requirements here:

If you want to get MW from CVS:
cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/var/cvs/muravey-tools login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/var/cvs/muravey-tools co \

Thanks to all of the users who reported me bugs and provided various
feedback on the project. Also, special thanks to David Blundell for
helping me with PostgreSQL support(not finished yet).

If you have any problems with MW or you have idea how I or you can
improve it please contact me, I will always be glad to help.

There's #MuraveyWeb IRC channel on
And forums on the RubyForge:

You can report any bugs or misbehaviors here:


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